“Hi Fiona, Luca is doing great, thanks. He was getting quite porky but the weight has been coming off slowly, but surely!
He’s feeling well and has lots of energy for the work and doesn’t feel ulcery at all = Yay!
I think his current diet is working really well for him. I’m so grateful that you’ve sorted him out!”

Tracy with Luca (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome); Radlett, Hertfordshire. June 2020

“We all really enjoyed the talk and I’ve already changed my horses feed….”

Diana,  Breakspear Riding Club, Herts.  March 2020

“It was such a relief to come across Fiona. My horse had spasmodic colic on an almost weekly basis and even the vets were at a loss as to what to do with her. Thanks to Fiona, she’s now on a new feeding regime and looks better than ever. She’s also more relaxed and best of all the colic has stopped (which means that now I can relax too!)

Fiona is completely independent from any feed company which means she has no bias towards any feed or brand, only what is right for your horse. She spent hours explaining to me how the equine digestive system works and what to look for in the nutritional breakdown of feed products.

Fiona is incredibly knowledgeable and I now have a much better idea of what to feed and why.

My horse is happy and healthy and I’m delighted with the results – I would highly recommend Fiona to any horse owner who wants the best for their equine friend.”

Ruby with Sue (Spasmodic Colic); Elstead, Surrey. February 2020

“Morning Fiona, it was lovely to see you again too – and I’m so grateful for you fitting me it…..  Thank you again for your time and expertise – you really put my mind at rest and now I have a proper plan to follow.”

Claire with Eric; Alciston, E Sussex. November 2019

Hi Fiona, thank you very much for your time and expert advice. Jess, I and Oscar really appreciate it!  We are definitely sticking to the food you have advised us to use, as Oscar is looking in tip top condition and we cannot thank you enough.”

Jessica & Karen with Oscar; Shorne, Kent, May 2019

“Thank you so much for helping me with my tricky Standardbred.  Not only did she have no muscle and lacked weight, she had various medical issues and she is extremely fussy!

I can definitely say that Fiona is ‘independent’; as we have gone through a huge variety of feeds before finding a combo that works for her.

I run a livery yard and I feel that since meeting Fiona, I now have all the tools to tweak all of the horses’ feeds to keep them all looking great and Fiona is only a phone call away if I have any doubts.  Thank you again!”

Jo with Whisper; Chilworth, Surrey. April 2019

(See photos on my Facebook Page – The Horse Nutritionist. www.facebook.com/thehorsenutritionist)

“Thanks so much for the really interesting talk. I really enjoyed it. I am pleased my horses will benefit from the new info you gave us.”

Lizzie with 2 horses; Pulborough, West Sussex.  April 2019

“I attended one of your talks last year in Kent, and received some brilliant advice, which has been of great benefit to both my ponies.  My ridden pony has been sound ever since, and her hooves are much better.  Thank you so much, Fiona.”

Sue with 2 ponies; Maidstone, Kent. March 2019

“I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona Watkins to anyone who has a horse and or is interested in nutrition for their horse.  I found Fiona’s service first class.
She has such a friendly manner and explains what’s she does simply and carefully so it is easy to understand.
In terms of her knowledge, I have yet to meet anyone – vets and big companies included – whose knowledge is better.
She read Ridzert’s blood tests perfectly and designed a nutritional program that has had fantastic results.
She is independent of feed companies, which I think is important and meant she was free to implement exactly what my horse needed.
The results speak for themselves – he has lost weight, gained condition and his liver enzymes have reduced by half – which amazed the vets!

Thank you Fiona – we are delighted with what you have done.”

Leanne with Ridzert; Radlett, Hertfordshire. February 2019

“Hi Fiona, I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you so much for the appointment on Thursday – hope you got to your next appointment okay and managed to warm up – wow that was cold that day!

Once I got home I ordered in the feed which is due in the middle of the week as well as vits and minerals which have arrived and we’ve started on. Half hour or so soaking is working well and much easier. Its great to have a plan and now I feel confident where I am going.”

Kerry with Ivy; Pulborough, W. Sussex. January 2019

“When I first called Fiona, my horse had just undergone colic surgery. His hair wasn’t growing back where he was shaved from his surgery, his coat was very dull, he was underweight, and he was very nervous all of the time. Fiona patiently spent the afternoon of her first visit with me, explaining important information about horses’ digestive systems. This was really important to me because I didn’t just want to be told what to feed him, I wanted to understand why I was feeding him each component. Then, she identified key areas of his diet that need to be changed. Within a week of Fiona’s first visit and changing my horse’s feed, his coat started to grow back from where it had been shaved from his surgery.
I continued to see Fiona every 6-8 weeks for weigh-ins and to make tweaks to my horse’s diet based on the time of year and how much work he was in.

It has now been seven months since that first visit and my horse couldn’t look better. He has a beautiful coat, has put on weight, and is incredibly athletic. Most importantly, he seems happy and content. He always has enough energy but is never anxious or “fizzy” anymore. I would really recommend Fiona to anyone who has a horse with a history of colic, a horse that needs a better coat shine, or one that is very nervous.”

Meghan with Nacido; Radlett, Hertfordshire. October 2018

“Fiona has been amazing and I would definitely recommend anyone struggling with their horses diet to get her brilliant advise. I have been struggling with my horses weight and energy levels for some time and did not know where to turn, I was spending a lot of money on feed and supplements and really didn’t have the confidence that I had her feed right for her. Fiona did a full review of everything and made a recommendation on what I should be feeding. The change in my horse is huge. She is building muscle, is much more relaxed and happy and is keeping a good weight. Fiona answers all my ongoing questions to make sure I understand what I am feeding my horse and why and is there to offer support and ongoing advise. Thank you Fiona ?”

Leanna with Flo; Remote Telephone Consultation. May 2018

“The East Sussex BHS Committee were delighted that over 30 people came to listen to the fantastically informative talk about horse nutrition given by Fiona Watkins, BSc (Hons), Pro Dip. A huge thanks must go to Fiona for sharing her knowledge and supporting the local BHS.”

BHS London & South East Mailer, April 2018

“Thank you so much (for your ‘Introduction to Equine Nutrition’ talk).  It was fab!  We will definitely have you again.”

Hannah at Seriously Tacky Ltd, Chesham, Bucks. December 2017

“Hi Fiona, I thought that you would like to know that Reme is doing very well.  His Cushings test was 61, which vet said he was happy with.  Reme seems very happy and not too round!  In good spirits and enjoying hacks.  Thanks again for all your help.  I couldn’t have coped without your help.”

Jane with Reme (PPID / Cushings); Clandon, Surrey. November 2017

“Thank you so much for coming to talk to us yesterday evening. I personally found all that you presented extremely interesting and very useful in a practical sense. The feedback from others has been extremely positive – I think they would have kept you talking for hours if they could!”

Jayne, Royal Oak Riding Club; Staple, Kent – Nutritional Talk. November 2017

“I called Fiona when my horse Ted was diagnosed with Grade 1 Gastric Ulcers as I wanted to ensure he was having a diet that would promote healing. Fiona undertook a very thorough assessment of Ted and his diet, explaining the process as she went along. She also produced a very comprehensive and useful individualised information pack detailing everything she had explained. Fiona completely overhauled Ted’s diet to an ulcer friendly diet to complement his medication and I’m please to say that he has since scoped clear of his ulcers!

One of the great things about Fiona’s consultation is that it provides you with the tools to enable you to make informed decisions about your horse’s diet. Also she is not tied to any feed producers and therefore you know you are getting impartial advice. I would definately recommend Fiona to help optimise your horses diet and health.”

Nicki with Ted (with Gastric Ulcers); Shamley Green, Surrey. October 2017

“I am delighted with how well Ollie is going! Fiona has helped me greatly by educating me how to best feed Ollie. She is an important cog in the wheel – which includes my trainer, my vet, my physio and my farrier. Ollie’s improvement is down to everyone’s hard work and support, but without Fiona’s nutritional help, he would not be able to perform as he did today.”

Susan with Ollie; Copthorne, West Sussex. October 2017

“We had Lugi’s blood test results – Excellent news – Both EMS and Cushings are now under control!!  Thank you for ALL your help thus far.  Even the vet has commented that you were doing a fab job!  Thanks Fiona”

Jo with Lugi (with EMS & PPID / Cushings); Chilworth, Surrey. April 2017

“Dear Fiona, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the nutrition advice you gave me for Ricky. He is really starting to build up now and we could not be more pleased with his performance – He won the 100 under 18 at Aldon last weekend!”

Lara with Ricky; Remote Telephone Consultation.  March 2017

“We all thoroughly enjoyed your talk and were still talking over parts of it on Sunday! Great enthusiastic delivery, love your style. Also super content – thank you!!”

Loren; Ewhurst Yard, Surrey – Nutritional Talk. March 2017

“I just wanted to touch base and let you know how Rio is getting along on the diet you recommended. He is great and my food bill is much cheaper! I also have plenty of energy from him and his weight is better.”

Natalie with Rio; Remote Telephone Consultation. February 2017

“It was so lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you so much for coming over to the yard. I absolutely LOVED it from start to finish, from the very thorough analysis to all of the fantastic information you delivered in such a captivating and interesting manner! Thank you for enlightening me!

Sarah with Bear and Obi; Gt Missenden, Buckinghamshire. January 2017

“Hi Fiona, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and listening to your excellent advice regarding the nutrition of Ollie and my two youngsters.  Ollie was feeling very stuffy, before our meeting. He was reluctant to go forward, and just seemed not himself. He is now feeling and looking much brighter.”

Susan with Ollie; Copthorne, West Sussex. December 2016

“Hi Fiona, It was lovely to meet you last night – I thought you did a wonderful talk in the time you were given.”

Claire; Regional Manager for London & South East on behalf of The British Horse Society. October 2016

“Thanks so much for your report and all of your help and friendly advice. I have really worried about what to feed Merlin, and being someone who researches everything, I have just got myself more and more confused by reading the range of conflicting advice. Your sane, simple and well delivered advice has been great in helping me unpick the right things to do.

Thanks again and feel free to use this as a reference. I will certainly be recommending you to my yard friends.”

Fiona with Merlin; Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. August 2016

“We entered 2 veteran showing classes yesterday, one in hand, and one ridden, and we came 2nd in both, despite a big buck in the ridden one! He (Piaff) wanted to demonstrate to everyone that he still had it in him. Both judges came up specially to us and said how fantastic he was for his age, so please take that as a compliment to you as well.”

Sue with Piaff; Elstead, Surrey. August 2016

“Not sure if you will remember Rubin but you saw him about three years ago now. We just wanted to let you know that he’s fit and well and out competing – not bad considering he will be 21 this year! We went to the National Veteran Dressage Championships in October 2015 and we were placed in our Prelim and Novice classes.

We are still following your feeding advice so, many thanks Fiona!”

(See photo on my Facebook Page – The Horse Nutritionist. www.facebook.com/thehorsenutritionist)

Michelle with Rubin; Sittingbourne, Kent. February 2016

“Fiona’s advice has been instrumental in helping Roger become a happy, healthy horse. His diet has had a complete overhaul and he now has a very simple feed regime but I have complete peace of mind that he is receiving everything he needs to help him grow into a big, strong event horse. He is muscling up in all the right places and everyone comments on how soft and shiny his coat is. He was bucking when being ridden and this has now stopped – I’m convinced that changing his feed has played a major part in this. We have controlled energy with plenty of reserve in the tank!

The whole process with Fiona was fascinating and I learnt a lot from the advice that she gave. I would urge any diligent horse owner to look closely at what they are feeding and I would certainly recommend Fiona in an instant.”

Sarah with Roger; Chobham, Surrey. November 2015

“I’m delighted at how wonderful Flight looks.  She is a different horse and has her old energy and personality back too!  Thank you very much, Fiona.”

(See before & after photos on my Facebook Page – The Horse Nutritionist. www.facebook.com/thehorsenutritionist)

Victoria with Flight; Ewhurst, Surrey. August 2015

“Sonny has been having the rations (that you recommended) all winter and is now looking incredible!  You were also right about his temperament changing. Such a transformation!”

(See before & after photos on my Facebook Page – The Horse Nutritionist.  www.facebook.com/thehorsenutritionist)

Jo with Sonny, Sparks and Stripes; Shirrell Heath, Hampshire. May 2015

“Seven weeks ago, I had a very poorly under weight and sick 26 year old pony. Vet advised to get in touch with Fiona and with her help, caring, and knowledge and educating me, my dear Sparky is coming on in leaps and bounds! Thank you so much Fiona .With heart felt thanks.”

Liz with Sparky; Sheperton, Surrey. May 2015

“A few months ago I posted (on Surrey Horse & Rider web site) for assistance from an equine nutritionist for my daughter’s pony who was lacking condition due to being a lamanitic.

Lost of people recommend Fiona Watkins from www.thehorsenutritionist.co.uk

Fiona came out and was excellent explaining everything with regard to his current feed and a new regime which was much simpler/cheaper/and tailored for Taboo with his laminitis, and that the slightest amount of un-soaked hay or frosty grass and he’d be hoping lame within days.

What a change!  Within the last month he’s starting to look amazing as seen here today at Merrist Wood. We still have a little more to go to get him ready for the show season. He was very forward and didn’t lack any energy which was apparent on his slight explosion on his trot to canter transition!! However he won his class with Katie Norgate.

Thank you for those who recommended Fiona.”


Julia with Taboo; Chobham, Surrey. February 2015 

“Thank you sooo much for your work on Roo. Not only has it given me a very clear (and understood) plan for the next six months, but I feel I have learnt a great deal about feeding, all in one hit! Well worth the money. Thank you so much.”

Sarah with Roo; Albury Heath, Surrey. January 2015

“Thanks so much Fiona – Your talk was fantastic and just what I was after, and I had some great feedback from other members.”

Emma Burston on behalf of The Equine Podiatry Association (UK); Gloucestershire. September 2014

“My elderly horse, Giles lives out in the field quite happily and has done so since I retired him 8 years ago.  He has no Thank you sooo much for your work on Roo. Not only has it given me a very clear (and understood) plan for the next six months, but I feel I have learnt a great deal about feeding, all in one hit! Well worth the money. I’d love to recommend you to all health problems, other than very few teeth.  That being said he is 35!

He had dropped some weight during September 2013 and hadn’t bulked out like he normally does during the summer.  This normally gives him a great head start during the winter but we were getting worried as he didn’t have his usual ‘backup weight’.  We spoke to Fiona, the horse nutritionist, who recommended changing his diet to one more suitable for an older gastro-intestinal tract.

We started his new regime in October and whilst he didn’t improve immediately, shortly after Christmas, Giles started to look rounder and healthier. Fiona advised that with older horses, the first stage is to halt the weight loss and then slowly build it back up, which is exactly what he’s achieved.

He is still very happy in himself and now he looks fantastic!  He shed his winter coat in double quick time this year and has the best shine to his coat that he’s had since his retirement.  I couldn’t be more pleased that he’s feeling and looking so well and we often receive compliments about him, given that he is the oldest horse on the yard!

Karen with Giles; Chilworth, Surrey. June 2014 

“I bought Beetle in the Summer of 2013 where I would class his condition at the time as being great. I noticed however, that in early November his weight and general condition was dropping off quite quickly and no other advice I was being given or the amounts and types of feed I was trying were making a huge difference.  I contacted Fiona after finding her great website and after a very detailed telephone consultation where Fiona asked me all about Beetle’s current routine, the feed type/rations he was on; we then arranged for Fiona to come and meet us.

On meeting Fiona, I was put at ease immediately and after Beetle was accurately weighed on the weighbridge, Fiona presented me with a status report and very detailed plan of action with a revised diet plan that we talked through until I understood all the facts. I followed Fiona’s advice and within about 3-4 weeks the difference in Beetle’s wellbeing, general appearance and energy was amazing and continues to be so.

I will, for sure, seek Fiona’s advice on all things nutritional moving forward. I highly recommend Fiona – her independent friendly approach and focus was fantastic and much appreciated.

Guy with Beetle; Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire. May 2014 

“Fiona was recommended to me by my vet early this year to help with my old horse, Ressy. He’s an ex-racehorse and always drops weight in the winter. This winter his weight loss was much more marked and at 27, he was struggling badly; I feared he might not make it this time. Fiona’s approach is very personal and designed for each individual.  She recommended a fundamental change of diet which is better suited to older digestive systems.

The new regime took a little time to take effect – Res really was very skinny – but in a matter of weeks he made a remarkable recovery. He’s now looking far more like his old self and I’m looking forward to riding him again very soon! Thank you Fiona, from me, and from Res.”

Philip with Ressy; Ockham, Surrey. April 2014

“With 15 top level show horses in home production, the most important thing for me, is condition and behaviour, which Fiona has educated me go hand in hand. Myself and my daughter run Kingsley show team and have competed high level show ponies for many years.  Fiona came to our yard in September when all of the ponies were on their winter break . She assessed the ponies and made recommendation that not only changed what we were feeding but also changed my whole attitude and approach to how the ponies were fed.

The results speak for themselves. We are only in January and even after their holiday in the field, they have come in looking great. Their coats shine and their top line is amazing (and we were able to start working them straight away).  I highly recommend Fiona, not only for her expertise but also for the products she supplies.  She is always at the end of the phone and happy to talk to you anytime.

Alex with 15 horses; Lingfield, Surrey.  January 2014

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your advice and recommendation for Wizard! I have seen him today without his rug (haven’t taken it off for the last few days as I’ve  just had time to say hello to him!) and I am really, really amazed at the difference in his condition!! He has filled out so much in the last 3 days.  I just can’t believe it.  He doesn’t look old.  He just looks like my gorgeous horse again!!!

Thank you soooo much.  Your advice has been invaluable as I feel that without it, he may have been on a slippery slope and may not have come through the winter! Thanks again.”

Helen with Wizard; Peaslake, Surrey.  October 2013

“Dear Fiona, I just wanted to let you know that Benji and I successfully completed the South of England one star last weekend.  He took it all on well very and with a few refinements it will be an exciting season next season!  He had plenty of energy.  I just wanted to let you know and say thank you for being part of my team that helped us get there.” 

Rebecca with Benji; Ranmore, Surrey. September 2013

“So, some good news! I had Star’s liver enzyme test repeated a few weeks ago, and he is back to normal!!  Amazing!!    My vet said this in was record time and that his diet changes were critical in the process of him regaining his health. In fact, he has blossomed!  He has also bulked out, regained his energy and got his old self back.  AMAZING!   I want to say that I would not have a liver enzyme problem-free horse without your help!  Diet is and was the key and we followed your plan.  So thank you very much.”

Jo with Star; Radlett, Hertfordshire.  August 2013.

“Last November 2012, my 19 year old Horse, Pacco, was diagnosed with pre-Cushing’s; his diagnosis coincided with our move to a new yard and with him catching a nasty viral infection.  We also had to deal with a tooth abscess in late February and sequential tooth extraction. Pacco went off his feed, partly because of his illness and tooth related complications, but also due to the Cushing’s medication (known to cause some loss of appetite albeit temporarily); keeping-Pacco-eating became this winter’s main preoccupation: the fact we had no grass whatsoever over this particularly harsh winter made things even trickier!

Fiona Watkins was recommended to me by my Vet.  I contacted her as I needed help to monitor Pacco’s weight with a weighbridge, but also to seek her professional expert advice on the best nutritional route to take to help him recover from the toughest winter he has ever had to date. During this very difficult time, it was very reassuring and informative to have the expert advice of a professional nutritionist alongside his Vet and Dentist. Pacco is now much better.  He is putting weight and condition back on and has found his appetite again. Thank you Fiona for all your advice and support.

Silvia with Pacco; Bookham, Surrey.  June 2013.

“Fiona was recommended to me by my vet after my elderly horse Bella was ill with a bad virus. She had lost a lot of weight and condition, she was not the happy healthily horse that I knew. I called Fiona and asked her for advise she was so helpful and understanding.  I went through Bella’s history with Fiona she then came out to weigh Bella, and went through what she was recommending me to feed her she then took the time to explain how each feed would help her.

Fiona was genuinely really wanting to help Bella and you can see that helping horses and there owners is something she takes great pleasure in. I could see the difference in Bella after only a week.  She has put so much weight and condition on.  She now looks the best she has ever looked, and has got the sparkle back in her eyes again. Thank you very much for really helping us.  I don’t think Bella would be here now without you.  Thank you.”

Emily with Bella; Pyrford, Surrey.  March 2013.

“Fiona was highly recommended to me by my vet, after I was starting to struggle to maintain the condition of my dear and very old Arab “Pietro”.  I was starting to lose hope as Pietro was literally disappearing before my eyes, he also had the added health complications of worn teeth and Cushings Disease.

Fiona offered me friendly, professional advice, devising a specific eating plan. She guided me step by step through the information regarding Pietro’s nutritional needs. I am overwhelmed and thrilled with the transformation. Pietro now some fat on him to help him keep warm through the winter, a wonderfully gleaming coat and more importantly a sparkle back in his eye. I have also never seen him more excited about his food!!! Thank you so much Fiona I really can’t thank you enough.”

Alex with Pietro; Shamley Green, Surrey.  December 2012.