1. Initial Consultation

An initial consultation will take approximately two hours and involves:-

1. Accurately weighing your horse or pony,

2. Body Condition Scoring (BCS),

3. Reviewing your equine’s tailored individual report and outlining a revised diet plan (where appropriate).  This report contains analysis on all of the main nutrient requirements (DE, fibre, protein and oil) as well as analysis on vitamins and mineral requirement levels.

Fiona aims to speak with you prior to your first visit in order to gain as much valuable insight about your horse or pony, as possible.

The consultancy fee is charged at:-

£125 for a full nutritional consultation including a tailored, individual report on the nutritional analysis of your horse.

Fiona offers a group discount of 20% for 3 or more multiple consultations at the same site (livery yards, racing yards, etc.)

2. Follow-On Consultancy

Depending upon the findings from the initial visit, specific follow-up consultations (check up’s) will be tailored to the individual needs of your horse, typically ranging over a 6 – 12 week basis.

3. Other Nutritional Consultation Services

Fiona is also happy to offer:-

– ‘Straight’ Weighing Service, (charged per horse or a flat rate fee for over 20+ horses),

– Full Yard Nutritional Visit – Review of entire yard feeding,

– Remote / Telephone Nutritional Consultation – via email.

– Talks, lectures, seminars and written work.

Please enquire for further details.

4. Traveling Fee 

Note:- Fiona is based in Albury Heath, in the Surrey Hills.

There is no call-out charge for distances within a 10-mile radius from this point.

Call-out for areas beyond this however, carry a traveling fee, charged per mile (according to postcode).

Please do get in-touch to book your horse’s individual consultation today!