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Q1. What does independent consultancy involve?
A. Obviously, no two cases are the same, however, each consultancy visit involves an overall ‘fact-finding’ session, assessment of the current nutritional programme, management routine and an individual weighing and Body Condition Scoring session.

Fiona uses a state-of-the-art, ‘Horseweigh’, weighbridge to provide you with a digitally recorded weight of your horse or pony.

After that, she will make specific, tailored recommendations based on the macro- and micro-nutrient requirements of your horse and will leave you with a written individual report.

Q2. How long does this typically take and how much does it cost?
Typically, the full nutritional consultation will take approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.  The fee is charged at a flat rate of £235.

The session is then, generally followed up with a 'check up' which is conducted anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks after the initial consultation and is charged at a flat rate of £60.

Q3. Who will this consultancy service benefit?

The service will benefit absolutely anybody who owns a horse or pony, regardless of shape or size!
Whether you would simply just like to check that what you are feeding your horse represents a fully-balanced diet or whether your horse or pony is prone to nutrition-related illnesses, such as pasture-induced laminitis, colic or gastric ulcers, a consultation will be of benefit.

Q4. Does Fiona offer any form of group / yard visits?

Yes, in addition to the Full individual Nutritional Consultation, Fiona does offer yard nutritional visits, a ‘straight’ weighing service, lecture / talks, and a remote telephone nutritional consultancy service.

Q5. Where is Fiona based and which region does she cover?

Fiona is based in Albury Heath, in the heart of the Surrey Hills, however, she is happy to travel to your home, livery yard or riding school to meet you and your horse or pony.


She typically covers cases in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.  All visits within a 5-mile radius from her home are not subject to a call-out fee.  Anything beyond that carries an additional traveling fee.

Q6. What about if I live too far away from Surrey?

Although based in the South East, Fiona is happy to travel to most areas and outside of the UK for a flat-rate fee (please enquire further).

In addition, Fiona offers a remote consultancy service via telephone/email or video conference, for those people that she cannot reach.  It requires photos and descriptions of your equine’s routine, diet and management.  Fiona will analyse the information and come back to you with some tailored, feeding recommendations.  All for just £125!

Q7. What qualifications does she have?

Fiona has been in the industry for twelve years and has a day-to day client base of over five hundred equines on a national and international basis. 


She currently is one of the first individuals to have been awarded with a Professional Diploma (Pro Dip) from The Open College of Equine Studies (TOCES) in Equine Nutrition.  This course took over two years to complete and unlike other qualifications available in Equine Science, solely concentrates on the physiology of the equine digestive system and associated nutrition for various disciplines.


She has good working relationships with all of the major feed companies as well as with all of the leading veterinary practices in the South East - including the RVC (Royal Veterinary College).  This means that she can offer you and your horse a mix of academic, scientific, clinical and above all, practical advice, knowledge and assistance in all aspects of equine nutrition.


Q8. Why should I contact her and not one of the large feed producers?
Fiona is independent and as such, can offer you complete, unbiased, professional advice.

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