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Independent Equine Nutritionist

Fiona Watkins

Independent Equine Nutritionist 

The Horse Nutritionist

Independent Equine Nutritionist


Fiona Watkins, BSc (Hons), Pro. Dip., is a fully qualified, professional UK-based Independent Equine Nutritionist.


She has always been a keen horse lover and started riding at an early age. Her interest in horses and ponies has never dwindled, even with a career lasting fifteen years in Corporate business.  Ten years ago, she set about putting her passion into practice – with the goal of improving the welfare of equines through nutrition.


She is currently the first person to have been awarded a Professional Diploma from The Open College of Equine Studies (TOCES) in Equine Nutrition. This course took Fiona over two years to complete and unlike other qualifications available in Equine Science, solely concentrates on the physiology of the equine digestive system and associated nutrition for various disciplines.  She, therefore, delivers to her clients, a concise working and practical knowledge of all aspects of equine nutrition together with real-life experience from a client base of over five hundred equines.



Independent equine nutrition consultancy can offer huge improvements and assistance in a variety of areas, regardless of whether your horse is a ‘performance type’ or simply a much-loved ‘pet’.


There are a number of different services that are offered, all seeking to improve your horse's wellbeing:-

General Equine Nutrition

This involves assessing the correct equine nutrition programme for your horse or pony; starting with an individual accurate weighing session and, if required, leading to specific advice tailored to your horse’s requirements. It can include:-

  • Assessment of body condition

  • Assistance with weight gain/weight loss

  • Evaluation of current feeding programme

  • Formulation of a new feeding programme

  • Advice on improving condition and coat shine

  • Ensuring the provision of a full and balanced diet

  • Encouraging fussy eaters

  • General help and assistance with any nutritional queries

Clinical Nutrition

This involves working alongside your horse’s veterinary surgeon, if appropriate, in order to ensure that ‘prevention is better than cure’.
It can assist in the reduction and management of incidences of:-

  • Gastric Ulceration - ESGD and EGGD,

  • Colic,

  • Laminitis,

  • PPID / Cushing’s Disease,

  • EMS,

  • PSSM - Type 1, Type 2, MFM,

  • Equine Rhabdomyolysis

  • Metabolic Disorders, such as obesitySyndrome (ERS) (‘tying-up’, azoturia)

  • Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) (see Breeding Nutrition section)

  • Allergies and Intolerances

Sports Nutrition

This involves assisting in improving the performance of horses in various disciplines and ensuring the correct nutrition in line with their individual temperament, condition, age, etc., dependent upon their performance.
This can help to:-

  • Achieve optimal performance

  • Improve fitness/muscle‘ recovery rates’

  • Improve training

  • Reduce the risk of performance-related injuries

Breeding Nutrition

This involves ensuring that the feeding programme for both broodmares and stallions is tailored to meet their individual needs and takes into account-specific seasonal adjustments; for example, the beta-carotene in the grass is known to have a beneficial effect on the quality of the mare’s egg produced.

Pregnant mares have varying nutrient requirements throughout their pregnancy, which must be addressed in order to avoid developmental issues in the foal, such as those associated with Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD).

Youngstock Nutrition

This involves assistance and advice with feeding youngsters from weaning to adulthood, dependent upon their breed, growth rate, time of year and age in order to help fulfil their full genetic potential.

Veteran Nutrition

The nutrient requirements of older horses and ponies are different from those of younger ones.  Ensuring that their current diet is meeting all of their nutritional needs, can help to:

  • Reduce incidences of laminitis and Cushing’s Disease,

  • Maintain condition – throughout the year,

  • Assist with dental related issues,

  • Assist in maintaining long life expectancy.



Dressage Horse

“Hi Fiona, Luca is doing great, thanks. He was getting quite porky but the weight has been coming off slowly, but surely!
He’s feeling well and has lots of energy for the work and doesn’t feel ulcery at all = Yay!
I think his current diet is working really well for him. I’m so grateful that you’ve sorted him out”

Tracy with Luca (Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome)

Radlett, Herts June 2020


If you'd like to know more about how I can help you and your horse, please get in touch:

07919 994 634

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